Missing you…

I miss you everyday, and my heart and soul thirst for you. Today I am having a hard day because I am missing you so much and I would give anything to hold your hand again. People have said to me I need to get it together, fuck them! I feel like I am doing ok considering that you are gone. I am trying anyway. I get up I am working a bit more, somehow I am managing to scrape by, how do they not understand that my heart is broken without you. How do they not get that this will take some time? I don’t give a shit anymore what anyone has to say. I lost you, my soulmate, and although I feel your spirit your essence, it’s not the same. I am hurting why is that so hard for people to hear, why did the world not stop that day. I love you so much and that has turned into such a painful grief. I will never stop loving you and the grief will never go away. Yeah I know it will get to a point where I can live life and not cry everyday but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I love you more than life. 💔

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