To understand the pain you must first understand the love.

genebeachI met the most fascinating and incredible man in early September of 2012. We met on an online dating site and quickly my life changed for the better. We were inseparable right from the get go. I moved in with him almost immediately, and the chemistry was irrefutable. The bond I formed with Gene was so strong and the things we shared with each other were profound. We went through a lot in the first few years and the trials brought us even closer as a couple. We had our differences and like any couple it was lots of ups and downs. The love, honesty, and respect we had for each other was incredible. I have never been in love like this, and to wait 38 years to find it, well it was worth the wait and the long road to get to him. I loved and still love him with everything that I am, and he loved me with the same intensity. I could not have asked for a better person to come into my life. I can not even put into words how I feel about him it would be futile, because words can not even begin to express what is in my heart and soul. My husband Gene was highly intelligent, hilarious, gentle, loving, thoughtful, kind and very giving. He was always concerned with how others felt rather than himself, very chivalrous. He made my heart flutter everyday.

2 thoughts on “To understand the pain you must first understand the love.

  1. I was very blessed to see this once-in-a-lifetime love. You guys were giddy like school children in love. You are so right, no one will understand your grief unless they felt this kind of love. I’m here for you whenever you need. ♥️


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